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Synonym Name

NSP2,nsp2,p65 homolog,Non-structural protein 2


The Open Reading Frame 1ab (ORF1ab) of COVID-2019 has been analyzed to evidence the presence of mutation caused by selective pressure on the virus. For selective pressure analysis fast-unconstrained Bayesian approximation (FUBAR) was used. Homology modelling has been performed by SwissModel and HHPred servers. The presence of transmembrane helical segments in Coronavirus ORF1ab non structural protein 2 (nsp2) and nsp3 was tested by TMHMM, MEMSAT, and MEMPACK tools. The stabilizing mutation falling in the endosome-associated-protein-like domain of the nsp2 protein could account for COVID-2019 high ability of contagious. May play a role in the modulation of host cell survival signaling pathway by interacting with host PHB and PHB2. Indeed, these two proteins play a role in maintaining the functional integrity of the mitochondria and protecting cells from various stresses.

Clinical and Translational Updates

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