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FKBP4 / FKBP52 Molecule  

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FKBP4 / FKBP52 Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
FK4-H52Q3HumanHuman FKBP4 / FKBP52 Protein, His Tag & PA Tag

FKBP4 / FKBP52 Molecule Background

Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase FKBP4 (PPIase FKBP4) is also known as immunophilin FKBP52. FKBP4 is a member of the immunophilin protein family, which play a role in immunoregulation and basic cellular processes involving protein folding and trafficking. FKBP4 has high structural and functional similarity to FK506-binding protein 1A (FKBP1A), but unlike FKBP1A, this protein does not have immunosuppressant activity when complexed with FK506. FKBP4 interacts with interferon regulatory factor-4 and plays an important role in immunoregulatory gene expression in B and T lymphocytes.