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Activin A / INHBA Molecule  

ADAM17 / CD156b Molecule Synonym Name


ADAM17 / CD156b Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
AD7-M52H1 Mouse Mouse ADAM17 / TACE / CD156b Protein
AD7-R52H7 Rat Rat ADAM17 / TACE / CD156b Protein

ADAM17 / CD156b Molecule Background

Disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 17 (ADAM17), a member of the ADAM protein family of disintegrins and metalloproteases, is also known as TNF-alpha convertase, TNF-alpha-converting enzyme and CD156b, which contains one disintegrin domain and one peptidase M12B domain. ADAM17 can cleave the membrane-bound precursor of TNF-alpha to its mature soluble form. ADAM17 is also responsible for the proteolytical release of soluble JAM3 from endothelial cells surface (By similarity) and proteolytic release of several other cell-surface proteins, including p75 TNF-receptor, interleukin 1 receptor type II, p55 TNF-receptor, transforming growth factor-alpha, L-selectin, growth hormone receptor, MUC1 and the amyloid precursor protein. Furthermore, ADAM17 acts as an activator of Notch pathway by mediating cleavage of Notch, generating the membrane-associated intermediate fragment called Notch extracellular truncation.


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